89% of sales start online. To make your brand desirable you need to make it look good.

With 10 years of experience as a product photographer, I know that storytelling is the best way to deliver.

Through professional product photography and visual narrative we will create a connection to achieve your goals.

My services go beyond the click and delivery. Teamwork will let us create professional product photography that will make you stand out from your competitors and charm Vancouver’s potential buyers.


"I had the pleasure to work with Andrea on April 2020. I'm extremely happy with how my pictures turn out.
I'm launching my own business (furniture for toddlers) and Andrea was in charge of taking all the product photography. I can't be happier with how easy was to work with her, how patient she was and how fast she delivered the photographs. You can tell she knows what she's doing. 
I'm looking forward to working with Andrea again, I completely recommend her."

- Jorge Hoyos - Founder Sapiens

Smart furniture for kids.

Vancouver, BC.

"I’m elated by how the final product came out as it allowed me to showcase my business to potential customers. Andrea was extremely professional throughout the whole process. Moreover, I know how difficult it can be to correctly capture plants giventheirdifferentshapesand how lighting affects theresults but Andrea had a keen eye on how to capture all these elements and incorporated them into the deliverables." 

- Mauricio Iñurria - Founder Planton

Online plants and pots shop.

Mexico City

"I loved working with Andrea. She took charge of the food and product photography for my organic shop. She’s very patient and very creative; she takes time to capture the essence of your brand. Andrea is a great person, but above all, very talented."

- Daniela Rochin - Founder La Huerta Orgánica

Online and retail organic shop.

Chiapas and Querétaro, México.

“Working with Andrea is synonymous with professionalism. She’s a pro-active and prepared person who follows strategies. We have worked with Andrea as our photographer for years, and now as our Social Media Strategist. Through time, we have createdastrongconnectionbetween her, the brand andour team.” 

- Patricia Ortega - Founder Tessito

Online Shop and Tearoom.

Querétaro, México.

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