Hi, I am Andrea Inurria

I am a professional food and product photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. I have a Bachelor in Communications, a Degree in Photography, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

With 10 years of experience as a photographer, I have seen how the advertising market has changed. From billboards and magazines to webpages and social media, the way businesses showcase their products and communicate with their audience, changes continuously.

I worked as a Photography Coordinator in the advertising department at Grupo Expansión Mexico City, a TIME Inc. I was the project manager of the photo shoots developed along with the creative team. It was a challenging but rewarding role to work with worldknown brands and achieve their vision.

I obtained an internship at VII Documentary Photography Agency in New York City. I developed the ability of storytelling and grasped the power of connecting with audiences through visual narrative.

Upon returning to Mexico in 2014, I understood that commercial photography can have a twist, so I applied my documentary knowledge to start my professional food and product photography career, which has become an ongoing passion.

In 2020 I made the decision to start a new adventure and moved to Vancouver, BC.


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